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Rock Chip Express is a distinguished national franchise specializing in automotive glass care. We excel in windshield repair windshield crack repair, headlight restoration, and professional glass coatings. Each of our franchisees is rigorously trained and certified, ensuring expertise and reliability in every service. They are fully insured, uniformed professionals who have graduated from the esteemed Rock Chip Express Academy. 

We proudly facilitate direct dealings with all major automotive insurance providers, streamlining the claims process for our customers. At Rock Chip Express, we set industry standards with our unmatched guarantees on all services, prioritizing customer satisfaction and lasting quality.

Our franchise model offers statewide exclusivity, empowering our partners with a dedicated market presence. Backed by our comprehensive support system, which includes full-service autoglass franchises operated by our parent organization our franchisees benefit from extensive resources and expertise.

Rock Chip Express stands as a beacon of excellence in automotive glass repair and restoration, committed to delivering superior service nationwide.


What’s Included For $14,995

Services Offered

Windshield Chip and Crack Repair

At Rock Chip Express, we prioritize your safety and convenience with our efficient windshield chip and crack repair service Completed in as little as 10 minutes. Our trained technicians begin with a thorough inspection to ensure the damage is suitable for repair.
The process starts with 
cleaning the damaged area to remove debris and moisture. We then inject a high-quality, optically matched resin into the chip or crack, ensuring it is filled completely and evenly. Specialized tools help remove any air bubbles, resulting in a clear and seamless finish. Next, we cure the resin with an LED light, hardening it quickly and restoring the windshield’s structural integrity. Finally, the cured resin is polished to match the surrounding glass, making the repair virtually invisible. In just 10 minutes, you can drive away with a repaired windshield, knowing Rock Chip Express has professionally addressed the damage.

Headlight Restoration

At Rock Chip Express, we offer expert headlight restoration services to improve visibility and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Our process is quick effcient, and backed by a two-year guarantee. Our trained technicians begin by thoroughly cleaning the headlights to remove dirt and grime. We then sand away the oxidized layer using progressively finer grits to ensure a smooth surface. This step removes the yellowed, cloudy appearance  caused by UV exposure and environmental factors. Next, we polish the headlights to restore their clarity ensuring maximum brightness and improved visibility Finally, we apply a high-quality UV-resistant sealant to protect the headlights from future damage and maintain their clear finish.
With our meticulous restoration process, your headlights will look like new, providing better illumination and enhancing your vehicle’s overall look. Plus, our two-year guarantee ensures long-lasting results and peace of mind. Drive confidently with Rock Chip Express.

Pro Glass Coatings

Rock Chip Express offers Pro Glass Coatings, featuring industry leading nanotechnology for superior protection and clarity. Our advanced coatings bond molecularly to all the glass surfaces of
your vehicle, not just the windshield, ensuring long-lasting durability. This nano-coating helps keep your glass clean by
repelling water, dirt, and debris, significantly reducing maintenance.
The advanced technology also decreases the drag coefficient potentially minimizing rock chip damage and enhancing fuel efficiency. The result is not only practical but also visually stunning, giving your vehicle’s glass a sleek, polished look.
With Pro Glass Coatings from Rock Chip Express, enjoy cleaner, safer, and more beautiful glass that stands the test of time. Experience the ultimate in glass protection and aesthetic enhancement with our state-of-the-art solution.


Rock Chip Express Academy Training Program

At Rock Chip Express Academy, your journey to success begins with more than just technical skills. Here’s a glimpse into what our comprehensive training program entails

Day One: A Warm Welcome and Foundational Learning

Hearty Breakfast: Kick off your training with a nutritious breakfast, setting the tone for an energetic and productive day.

Meet and Greet: Get to know your trainers and fellow trainees, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Course Overview: An introduction to the course structure and objectives, outlining the skills and knowledge you will gain.

Classroom and Technical Training: The first day is a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on technical training. You’ll dive into essential software tools and learn the ins and outs of direct insurance billing.

Day Two: Advanced Techniques and Specializations

Headlight Restoration: Master the art of restoring clarity and functionality to vehicle headlights.

Professional Glass Coatings: Learn how to apply high-quality glass coatings to enhance durability and performance.

Glass Repair Techniques: Expand your skills with advanced glass repair techniques, including long crack repair. Business Development and Operations

Marketing Strategies: Gain insights into effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

Safety and Compliance: Understand the critical safety protocols and industry regulations to ensure a safe and compliant operation.

Business Planning: Develop a robust plan to grow your business quickly and profitably, leveraging the tools and knowledge acquired during training. Exams, Certification, and Celebration.

Exams and Tests: Validate your newly acquired skills and knowledge through a series of exams and practical tests.

Graduation Dinner: Celebrate your achievements with a special graduation dinner. Reflect on your journey, share experiences and discuss the exciting adventures that lie ahead as you embark on your franchise journey with Rock Chip Express.
Join us at Rock Chip Express Academy and equip yourself with the expertise and confidence needed to thrive in the autoglass repair industry. Your future starts here!

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